Holistic dog food

The use of the word holistic takes different meanings, depending on the approach. Some people say this is a marketing hype whilst otherwise hold a contrary view. When it comes to the dog food, we should hold a more positive view of the food rather than a narrow marketing hype approach. Though there is a justification to believe, there are some genuine products out there which can be referred to as holistic dog food.

The dry dog food for instance easily fits this description. The dry matter content to begin with will be around 27% for the protein, 17% for the fat 49% for the carbs. Is there a pattern that one makes out of these? Definitely there is and for one, the percentages show that this food so holistic.

The ingredients used to make the food will tell you so much about the food. The chicken meal will be accompanied with white rice that has been ground, chicken fat and the oatmeal. If you would like to include the pork meal.

The preservation of the above will tell you something about the quality of the food. The preservation needs not be conventional. The use of tocopherol instead of artificial preservatives instead of the artificial ones would go a long way in ensuring that the food is completely holistic. The other ingredients would include dehydrated alfalfa and tomato pomace. You would want to include the vitamin and mineral supplements such as vitamin B12, beta-carotene, and vitamin. The fibre content should be sufficient and in this case, you would make do with 4.4%   of the dry food that you will make for the dog.  This is a percentage   of the dry matter.


For a given food to be labelled holistic, it has to meet some requirements. The AAFCO nutrient requirements are usually clearly spelt out. Adult maintenance is one such category that it must fulfil. The assumption we are making is that the dog is an adult one that will also be active, hence the need to find some health requirements.

Life stages

There are several life stages which the food is supposed to adequately cater for. In this regard, go for the holistic dog food that will cater for the prescribed stages depending on how a healthy dog should grow.

A holistic select is another criterion that will come handy when it comes to the choice of the dog food in question. The plant-based food has to be the first case to be placed on the table. There will be a minimal amount of species which will be used to provide the much needed amount of protein. In this case, we are not looking at the single protein source but more than one.

You will of course come across terms like meat content and fat to protein ratios.  Each dog food is evaluated separately depending on the meat content. The rating will vary from one food item to the other. It is also possible to include the canned and wet foods in the list.

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