natural dog treats

For those people who are mindful of their dogs, it is important for once in a while to give the treats that are natural. Most people opt out for the a bit old fashioned treats of milk bone, barley, yeast, wheat among many others fillers which are not that great with your dog. Most of these ingredients are allergic to dogs and may cause more harm than good. There are many natural ingredients that are available just in case you want to give your dog a nice treat.

The following are the top natural treats to give to your favorite dog.

Cow ear

If you want to be minimal with your treat selection then this is automatically the way to go. From a prime thick cut cow ear sourced from grass fed cattle can serve the best. The kind of ears from the free- range, grass fed cattle are highly digestible. Another advantage of these kinds of ears is that they do not contain any other ingredient and are minimally processed. The texture of the ears will help clean the teeth and the gums of your dogs thereby giving them a nice thing to chew for a longer period. An alternative of this is the pig ear.

Beef tendon

This is another simple treat for your dog. The beef tendons create a long lasting treat that is completely natural. When your dog chews on these smoked tendons, the dog’s teeth will be kept clean while still the treat is enjoyed.

Blue buffalo wilderness

This is a perfect for your dog which is available in a variety of flavors and forms. They ate excellent because they are grain free and the biscuits present are left to be a bit crunchy instead of the soft ones.

Wellness bites

Wellness soft and chewy treat are excellent because they do not contain any corn, soy or even artificial colors and flavors. The bites are presented in five main flavors which include beef and turkey, chicken and lamb, chicken and venison, lamb and salmon, and turkey and duck. All the treats are in forms of small squares which pass to be best for training.

Natural balance

This is another great treat for your dog which is featured by fish and sweet potato. The treat still has both salmon and white fish for dogs which prefer sea flavors. The biscuit like shape will treat will play the role of supporting the dog’s digestive health.

Smokehouse treat

This is a natural health treat for your dog that is duck- based. This treat has 3 main ingredients which make for high- protein and low fat. All the products are lab tested in order to ensure they are of high quality.

Zuke’s jerky

This is a natural treat for the dogs. Thezuke’s product is kind of a jerky treat which is highly digestible. This kind of treat also involves other things like the carrots, apples, blueberries in order to ensure that all the necessary nutrients are provided. The zuke’s jerky comes also in beef and turkey flavors.

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