Nature’s dog food

It is easy to assume that the nature’s dog food is automatic. Well, it really takes of balancing to get the right mix. One way to know if the food for your dog is healthy and balanced is having the following questioned answered.

Is the food healthy?

It will be considered healthy if you it has proteins, carbs, fat, fibre, vitamins and minerals. All these would be obtained from the chicken meat, plant based oils like canola, fish meat, sweet potatoes for energy, probiotics for digestion and so much more. It would however be advised that one avoids the excesses which in this case would include the controversial foods which may be genetically modified.

Is it digestible?

This might sound so obvious but for typical natures dog food, you would expect the dog to eat all the food and obtain the expected level of digestibility. This is however not the case in some cases. You will find that the food may for instance lack the probiotics for aiding in digestion. Always be on the lookout for the dog food that is digestible to the extent that your dog does not have to suffer from constipation.

Is it Wholesome?

The raw food should be wholesome in the sense that it should not be highly processed, otherwise it will deny your dog all the nutrients that your dog requires being healthy. The natural ingredients would in this case would be a good option to take.

Does the food contain any artificial flavours or colours?

We are all familiar to some dog food which is filled with flavours and colours. The danger of providing your dog with such a meal is that it will not nutritionally not benefit from the food at all. Instead, it will be unhealthy despite taking a lot of it. The best nature’s dog food is one that is made without use of anything artificial. When buying the food, it would be advisable to make sure that you look at the ingredients so as to rule out anything that doesn’t natural to you. The ratings given in the pet sites will give you inkling into what makes quality food for the dog.

Does it have meat derivatives?

Other than the chicken meat, the other derivatives that are added to the dog food should be carefully evaluated. This is because the meat derivatives do not offer much the same as the ones recommended for the dog food. The manufacturers will always indicate the kind   of meat added and the dry content of it. It should be around 36% on average.

Is it safe?

This might sound obvious but it is not. There is usually a natural assumption that the food you see being sold out there is healthy and safe for dogs. You will be surprised to learn that some are actually harmful to the dog.

Does it cause allergy?

Some foods have gluten content and this is known to trigger allergy. Watch out for such and avoid them.

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