Natures select food

When it comes to natures select food, one would assume that any ingredient can be added to the food. The truth of the matter is that you will realize there is what works and what don’t. In this article, we are going to explore the various exemptions when preparing the food.

The tomato pomace is loved and loathed with equal measure. Though you will find that this particular ingredient has remained highly controversial with some people arguing it ought not to be included in the food for the dog. They term it as pet food filler which is just cheap and that is all. On the other hand though, there are those who will swear by the tomato pomace as a rich source of fibre and would therefore not miss to include it in the dog food.

 If you are considering using canola oil, it will help to be aware that the oil may not be all that safe. This is because it is linked to the rapeseed which is believed to be genetically modified. It would help to bear in mind the fact that you should get all the facts right before including ingredients with possible side effects on the health of your dog. The other school of thought holds the view that the oil is a rich source of the omega-3 fatty acids and should therefore be included.

Fish oil may be more amenable due to the fact that it is more available and accessible as opposed to the plant based ones. This ideally could be the reason why you should not limit yourself to the plant based oils only when there are options available.

The above information is not enough to qualify the natures select food for your dog. You would want to have additional information such as the meat content. The protein is measured in terms of the dry matter, which in this case should be a reading of about 36%. Fat should be at least half of it, meaning that you should have fat percentage of 18%. The carbs content should be the highest at 38%. The argument for the latter is based on the fact that your dog will be active for the better part of its life and therefore, the meal should provide it with the energy that it needs to be so.

 What one should be keen on is the fat to protein ratio. A ratio of 48% would work pretty well for most of the natures select food.

The upshot is that the food should essentially be plant based and dry food for that matter. The main source of protein would in this case comprise of the chicken protein. This kind of food would easily get an above average rating from the buyers. The important thing though is that one should watch out for issues such as grain intolerance in dogs and the issue of digestibility. These will definitely help to make a food acceptable across the board.

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