Now dog food

The now dog Food Company that provides premium high quality food. Whether you are looking for ready to serve to food that can be made from scratch, the now dog food product is healthy, fresh and rewarding.

The fresh aspect of the food is one of the highlights that we should all endeavour to get when we are looking for food to feed the puppies, senior and adult dogs. The nutritious ingredients include the market-fresh meat that you will not easily find in other dog food products.


From the salmon to turkey, omega 3 and 6 to the canola oil, you can count on all these to be 100%. What this ideally means is that your dog will simply love this food so much that you will not find it scrambling for food belonging to other dogs! Many dog owners get concerned when their dogs refuse to take their meals and instead the food of others. It just tells you that there is something missing in the food and that you better find out what ingredient is lacking and add it in.

Grain free

Healthy dog foods are usually recommended not to have grains like wheat and rice unless in exceptional cases. They trigger  the allergic reactions that we see in dogs and this could explain why many do owners are eager to get the now dog food as they are fresh ,healthy and grain free at the very least.


There are tens of recipes which one can use to make their favourite dog food. All that is needed is to get the favourite recipe online and combine the respective ingredients. The overall goal would be to make the most out of the available ingredients.


The now dog food is not limited to just one type of food but a rich variety that meets the needs of your dog in all stages. Take the case dry dog food. These are specifically made to meet the nutritional needs of your dog by mixing more than one ingredient.  The food will contain a certain percentage of dry matter content for proteins, fat and carbs. These are determined using some predetermined formulation. The best ratios are provided for depending on the ingredients in question. If they are correctly mixed, then you can be sure that they will be healthy, fresh and most nutritious for your pet.

The pups have different needs from the adult or senior dogs. The formulation is made in such a way that it meets the nutrition requirement of the pup as it grows towards becoming an adult. The adult on the other hand needs to be catered for since we are looking at meals which will provide nourishment and keep it active for the better part of its active adulthood. Lastly, one would be keen to find food that will cater for aging dogs. The balance in the nutrient composition calls for a premium food brands and this is where the now dog food comes into the picture as a trademark.

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