Organic dog food

When it comes to organic dog food, there are a number of things one would need to bear in mind. For one, you would be interested to know the source of the ingredients used to make the food. Making a distinction is usually tricky and in this case, you might end with steroid, hormone and antibiotic made meat concentrates. This may be very costly for you and especially if you were counting on the food to bring up a healthy dog breed. However, if you are able to obtain a premium brand of the product, you will be guaranteed that the food is safe and natural to feed your pet dog.


The organic dog food is one that is natural. There is no use of additives, flavours or the antibiotics. The hormones and steroids are not used anywhere as is the case with meat derivatives sold online. One needs to be careful with the meat. The free range meat from beef to the poultry should be carefully evaluated to ensure that it is completely safe and free from the said steroids, hormones or antibiotics.

Grain free

The grains such as rice and wheat are sometimes added in the formulations of organic dog food. This could perhaps be the reason for the allergic reactions in some dogs. The vegetarian type of dog food sold online is highly recommended as it does away with the grains, hence you are assured what you are feeding your dog is completely safe.

Organically grown grass

If the meat of choice is beef, the cow from whose meet the dog food is made from should be organically grown. The use of natural fertilizer to grow the grass gives you the assurance that there are no traces of harmful   compounds such the steroids. If they are present, then we cannot say the food is organic. You will find that some unscrupulous companies online sell these food products as natural and organic. If you are not keen enough, you will end up with such even when your goal was to get healthy, wholesome, natural food. All is not lost though, when it comes to the organic dog food.

Herbicides and pesticides

There should be no exposure to the herbicides and pesticides when it comes to the food. If the ingredients are for any reason exposed to such, then by any means, you cannot talk about it being organically produced.

Filler foods

The corn syrup and sugar are perfect examples of ingredients which are added but which make the food less organic. They are unnecessary as they make the food unhealthy for your pet dog.

Take note on the GMOs a well. Unfortunately, the use of GMOs is more subtle and what passes for natural may actually be GMOs.

Canned foods also fall in this category much as the same way as the raw ones unless they are not dry. Many a buyer is ignorant of this fact about the food and the ingredients. The end result is that the food is far from being organic.

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