senior dog food

When it comes to feeding your senior dog it may be tricky since you want to provide the best of nutritious food that will maintain it. It is always a dream to everyone who owns a dog to see it live long, growing healthy and sustaining a very active life. All these come at a cost since one should be aware of all the responsibilities that are beforehand. Doing your research well on the high quality diet is the main thing if you are an owner of a dog. When you have fed your dog with the highly formulated diet, this will in turn assure you of a disease free dog. Your dog will also remain healthy and smart.

When one is doing a shopping on the best foods for large breeds, care need to be taken because there are so many brands all claiming of their goodness. There are some things that one need to keep in mind about the large dog nutrition when in purchase of the food in order to make sure that your breed is maintained all through to the golden years.

The body of the dogs require a wide range of nutrients in order to remain good looking and healthy at the same time. The nutrients include the vitamins and minerals.  A good standard meal for a dog should include meat grains, vegetables, fruits and grains. In order to meet the nutritional standards of the dog food, the combination of the following is very crucial. Proteins

When it comes to proteins, it is very crucial when incorporated in the diet of the large bred dog.  The proteins ensure that that the senior dog does not fall ill often.  A good percentage of the protein should be present at any given meal.


The carbohydrates are very important when it comes to large breed meal because they ensure that all the energy the dog needs in order to remain active is maintained. In this case you have the likes of grains among many others.


It is important to note that proteins are present when you are buying the dog meal. The vitamins ensure the body of your dog remains strong and shiny on the fur.

Many of the diseases exhibited by the dogs are mainly associated with the nutrition. It is important therefore for the keepers of dogs to be very keen on what to the dogs regarding their age and breed. It is also important to keep an eye on any sign of sickness of the dog like bloat, obesity and many others.

If on the other hand you are the kind who prefers the home cooked diet for your senior dog, it is important to consult your vet before exploring to these foods. Here, the vet can give you a guideline on how to make sure the nutritional needs of your dog are balanced. This can serve also as a very important platform for you to ask any question regarding your dog nutrition.

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